A look at the best fantasy football team names for the New Orleans Saints in 2017.

One of the most important pieces of a winning fantasy team is your team name! It’s important to sound as witty and intimidating as you are. We compiled the top 20 fantasy football team names for those of you lucky enough to draft a player or two in black and gold. Whether you ended up with Drew Brees slinging the rock or have AP or Ingram in one of your RB slots. Maybe you put some trust in the speed of Ted Ginn, or ran to the restroom and auto-drafted the Saints D. We have some clever ideas for you, regardless of how fortunate your circumstances are.


Top New Orleans Saints Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017:

  1. Breesus, King of Drews
  2. You’ve got what I Snead
  3. Ginn and Drew-ce
  4. Breeeeees Nuts
  5. The Big Breesy
  6. The Unger Games
  7. The Ungerdogs
  8. There’s an AP for that
  9. Easy, Breesy, Beautiful
  10. Department of Domeland Security
  11. Young Breesy
  12. Singing Tele-Ingram
  13. Breesus Saves
  14. Hate us Cause They Saint us
  15. Can’t touch my Peter-son
  16. Mountain Drew
  17. Breesus, Take The Wheel
  18. Playing With My Fleener
  19. Measured Ingrams
  20. The Brees Knees

Best of luck to your fantasy team and The New Orleans Saints this season.

Thanks for taking a look at our best fantasy football team names for 2017. We hope you laughed at a few! Follow us to see all of our New Orleans Saints updates.