Standing at 6’6″ and weighing in at 265 pounds, New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is the definition of a big kid.

He acts like a big kid with his childish humor and partying ways that have defined his off-field persona.

He acts like a frat boy, as evident during the Patriots last two Super Bowl celebration parades. Rob Gronkowski proceeded to chug down some Bud Lights while celebrating with his shirt off in the freezing New England weather. During the last parade, Gronkowski chugged down some beers with some of the fans in attendance and asked the huge crowd if they were ready to get crazy.

Do you remember the “summer of Gronk” a few years ago? Or the Gronk Party Bus? What about the cruise that Rob Gronkowski and some of his crew set out on last year?

To the average fan, his antics off the field might cause some concern. WEEI’s Alex Reimer recently published an article that mentioned some fans’ disdain for Gronkowski’s childish act as of late. The article covered much of Rob Gronkowski’s childish acts as mentioned above.

But the primary reason Reimer wrote the article was because of Gronkowski’s comments during the Daytona 500. Rob Gronkowski interviewed some of the Monster energy drink models and made some jokes about the number 69 (his favorite number). He asked one of the girls what her favorite speed limit was, clearly trying to hint at the number 69. Gronkowski really enjoys himself whenever the number is brought up.

After reading the article, I did not agree with the analysis for one important reason.

Drawing the Line

Does Rob Gronkowski like to have a good time? Yes.

Does he like to celebrate championships by chugging beers with fans? Yes.

Does he like to party with his crew? Yes.

Does he laugh at the number 69? Yes.

But the difference between Gronkowski and other young athletes with his mindset is until these off the field antics interfere with his on-field performance, then the concern level remains low.

Some may question his injury history. Yet, chugging down beers did not tear his ACL in 2013. The number 69 did not puncture his lung this past season. See where I am going with this?

Gronkowski has two personas: the on-field playmaker who loves football and is dedicated to being the best player he can be; and the off-field Gronkowski that loves to have a good time but knows where to draw the line.

The 27-year-old has never been charged for drunk driving or been involved in any accidents due to his party life. He has kept a low profile despite his known childish tendencies. It appears the Patriots will continue to take that trade off as long as “The Gronk” returns to form in 2017.