Just about two months ago, the New England Patriots made the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, capturing their fifth Lombardi trophy.

The NFL season, believe it or not, has started with the release of the 2017 league schedule on Thursday night.

New England Patriots 2017 Pre-Season Schedule

Week 1: VS Jacksonville Jaguars (7:30 PM on WBZ)

Week 2: @ Houston Texans (8:00 PM on WBZ)

Week 3: @ Detroit Lions (7:00 PM on WBZ)

Week 4: VS New York Giants (7:30 PM on WBZ)

New England Patriots 2017 Regular Season Schedule

Week 1: VS Kansas City Chiefs (8:30 PM on NBC)

Week 2: @ New Orleans Saints (1:00 PM on CBS)

Week 3: VS Houston Texans (1:00 PM on CBS)

Week 4: VS Carolina Panthers (1:00 PM on FOX)

Week 5: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8:25 PM on CBS)

Week 6: @ New York Jets (1:00 PM on CBS)

Week 7: VS Atlanta Falcons (8:30 PM on NBC)

Week 8: VS Los Angeles Chargers (1:00 PM on CBS)

Week 9: Bye Week

Week 10: @ Denver Broncos (8:30 PM on NBC)

Week 11: @ Oakland Raiders (4:25 PM on CBS)

Week 12: Miami Dolphins (1:00 PM on CBS)

Week 13: @ Buffalo Bills (1:00 PM on CBS)

Week 14: @ Miami Dolphins (8:30 PM on ESPN)

Week 15: @ Pittsburgh Steelers (4:25 PM on CBS)

Week 16: VS Buffalo Bills (1:00 PM on CBS)

Week 17: VS New York Jets (1:00 PM on CBS)

Schedule Notes

  • The Patriots open up against the Kansas City Chiefs, where they will raise the Super Bowl LI banner.
  • The Patriots will face off against the Houston Texans in the preseason and regular season. Rumors are that both teams will hold joint practices in the preseason. Both teams are starting to get familiar with each other after the Patriots defeated the Houston Texans in the Divisional round of the playoffs.
  • The Patriots bye week is week 9.
  • The Super Bowl 51 rematch between the Patriots and Falcons will take place on Sunday Night Football on October 22.
  • The Patriots will square off against the Oakland Raiders at a neutral site game in Mexico City on November 19.
  • From Week 10 to Week 15, the Patriots will be on the road five out of the six weeks.