As Pete Scantlebury settles in, I’m getting ready to head out the RMN door. So consider this a valedictory series of sorts. I’ve been in Columbia for just over 20 years and just over 20 football seasons. Time to list some of my favorite things from that time. So far we’ve looked at quarterbacks and Faurot Field crowds. Now let’s explore Tight End U.
I almost wanted to try to make a fullbacks list, too, just so I could wax poetic about Rhino Ron Janes and Joe Chirumbolo. Hey, maybe I still will. But let’s stick with the pass catchers for now.
There’s a special spot on the list for the guys with That One Big Catch.
J.D. McCoy nearly destroyed his knee catching an awkwardly-thrown ball from Brad Smith on fourth down to save a Mizzou comeback against Middle Tennessee in 2003. If he doesn’t make that catch that season maybe never gets off the ground.


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