Training camp is starting at the end of the month, which means fans are getting ready for fantasy football to start. Some are already buying magazines and getting their fantasy draft parties planned. If you are a Minnesota Vikings fan and thinking of team names, here are some you can use:


Dalvin is Cookin

Big Bad Bradford

Bam Bam Sam

Hurry Hurry Murray is Loose

Can You Diggs It?

Rhodes Are Closed By Xavier

Setting the Barr High

Hooked on a Thielen

What a Thielen

Winning is a Great Thielen

Land of 10,000 Sacks

Straight Touchdowns Homey

Rudolph the Redzone Reindeer

Waynes World

Green Eggs and C.J. Ham

Forbath’s Cobra Kais

Sweep the Leg Kai

Robison’s Fishermen

It’s Pat Elflein

Gotta Get That Boone Boone Boone

Click Click Boone

Harrison’s Hitmen

Danielle’s Hunters

Riley’s Reiffers

Is Treadwell the Laqu-one?


Thinking of a name for your team is one of many fun parts of playing fantasy football. You of course also have a shot at winning prizes and have bragging rights over friends and football experts.

Some good Vikings to have on your fantasy team this year? Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Kyle Rudolph, Sam Bradford and the Vikings defense/special teams. Taking either in the first round would be a reach, but all would be good picks to have in the later rounds.

Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers are of course the quarterback people want the most, but going for other position players first and then getting Bradford in the later rounds would not be a bad idea. He will not only have more talent around him this season, but also now has a full offseason with the Vikings. The offense as a whole will benefit from having more talent overall, especially the offensive line.

Diggs and Thielen should also continue to improve. The Vikings defense will once again be among the best in the league and will benefit from the offensive improving. Dalvin Cook could be a huge steal in the late rounds.

If you had a rough fantasy season last year, things could be much better this year. Best wishes to your teams and have fun!