Aaron Donald is Getting Support From His Teammate Michael Brockers.

Earlier this week Michael Brockers was on SiriusXM radio with Torry Holt and Ross Tucker. Brockers was asked about his opinion on the possibility of his fellow lineman, Aaron Donald  holding out a training camp until an extension is reached. He believes that the Rams should pay Donald.

Brockers said his teammates are in full support of Aaron Donald (via SiriusXM):

“We’ll go to war with him and for him. We respect any decision. He deserves it. You look at the record, being the most dominant defensive tackle in the league, and he’s just making all these phenomenal numbers and stuff like that. And, obviously, pay the man. Obviously. He’s put in him some major work for this team and I think he deserves it.”

Brockers makes a great point, Aaron Donald is a one man wrecking crew. In the three years he has played, Donald has 116 tackles, 28 sacks, and probably the most impressive stat is that he has not missed a single game. Aaron Donald makes all of his fellow lineman better when he is on the field as well.

Rams Are Going To Need Spends Some Cash To Keep Aaron Donald.

Donald is getting attention on the national level as well, he was just listed #15 on NFL.com’s Top 100 players. Many national pundits showed their displeasure with Donald’s ranking, believing that it was too low.

The Rams have not had the best luck when it comes to retaining their defensive free agents. The team lost Janoris Jenkins to the Giants and they are on their way to losing Trumaine Johnson as well. The number one priority for Les Sneed should be to get Donald signed quickly as possible.

Aaron Donald is going to make $3.22M this season, an absolute bargain for a player of his caliber. Donald’s camp comparable to J.J. Watt. However, that means Donald is is going to get J.J. Watt type of money, which would be around 6yrs/$100mil.  The question becomes “Will the Rams be willing to pay that kind of money?”. If you ask Michael Brockers, or any other football fan, the answer is “Obviously”.



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