Week six is upon us and the Miami Dolphins face off with the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta. In the preseason, the Dolphins beat the Falcons 23-20 and did it in Atlanta. That’s right, the Dolphins beat the number two team in the NFL. Although, the last three times the Dolphins and the Falcons faced each other, the Dolphins come away with the win.  However, those three were all preseason games.  The last three regular season games the Dolphins and Falcons faced each other, the Dolphins are 1-2.

Normally, I’d tell you the Dolphins have a good shot at winning this game, but after watching the Dolphins for the past four weeks, the Dolphins don’t have it all together. I’d consider this game a loss and let me tell you why.

First let’s compare the two teams defensively and offensively.  The Dolphins have the 8th ranked defense in the league and the Falcons have the 10th ranked defense. That’s the bright side.

Now the Falcons’ offense have the 4th ranked overall in the league.  The Falcons are ranked 7th in passing and 8th in rushing. The Dolphins’ offense have the 32nd ranked overall in the league, and are ranked 32nd in passing and 31st in rushing.

To show the differences between the two offenses, I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.  The Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan’s passer rating is 87.5.  Ryan completed 88 passes out of 135 attempts. Which means, Ryan completed 65 percent of his passes and he threw for 1109 yards with five touchdowns. Then running backs Devonta Freeman rushed for 285 yards and five touchdowns and Tevin Coleman rushed for 181 yards. Plus wide receiver Julio Jones has 19 receptions for 295 yards and tight end Austin Hooper has 10 receptions for 194 yards and one touchdown. Finally, wide receiver MoHamed Sanu has 16 receptions 163 yards with one touch down, and Coleman 13 receptions for 153 yards and one touchdown.

On the flipside, The Dolphins’ Cutler’s passer rating is 74.8 by completing 82 passes out of 131 attempts. He completed 62 percent of his passes. Cutler threw for 706 yards with three touchdowns. Then running back Jay Ajayi rushed for 261 yards and Cutler rushed for 21 yards. While wide receivers DeVante Parker has 19 receptions for 236 yards with one touch down and Jarvis Landry has 30 receptions for 210 yards with one touchdown. Plus tight end Julius Thomas has nine receptions for 86 yards. Finally, wide receiver Kenny Stills has 10 receptions for 114 yards and one touch down.

To add insult to injury, the Falcons’ offense averaged 388 total yards per game. Of those 388 total yards, the Falcons threw for 262 yards and rushed for 125 yards per game. Where as, the Dolphins’ offense averaged 231 total yards per game.  Of those 231 total yards, the Dolphins threw for 156 yards and rushed 74 yards.

The bottom line, the Dolphins need to pull it together.  The Dolphins have a rough schedule ahead of them. If they don’t, the rest of the season will be a loss.