Should the Dolphins go with Jay Cutler or Matt Moore?

If you’re a Miami Dolphins fan, then you know about the historic ’72 Dolphins. The year the Dolphins had a perfect season and went undefeated and won the Super Bowl.

Did you also know that they did that with not their primary starter quarterback Bob Griese? Griese broke his ankle in week five while playing the then San Diego Chargers. Head Coach Don Shula brought in veteran quarterback Earl Morrall, because he had worked with him before. Griese eventually came back during the last regular season game, and the rest is history.

Now fast forward to 2017.

Head coach Adam Gase brings in veteran quarterback Jay Cutler because Ryan Tannehill partial tore in his ACL. Gase and Cutler have worked together before in Chicago. Cutler and Tannehill are very similar quarterbacks. That year under Gase, Cutler was ranked 21st among quarterbacks. He had 64 percent pass completion rate, he threw for 3659 yards and had 21 touchdowns. Cutler has 58.6 total quarterback rating. Tannehill under Gase, 67 percent pass completion rate, he threw for 2995 yards and had 19 touchdowns. Tannehill has a 58.3 quarterback rating. It will be virtually plug and play between Cutler and Tannehill.

One might argue the Dolphins already have a good quarterback in Matt Moore, and he is more than capable of doing the job. As a matter of fact, in 2011 Moore was the backup turned starter after Chad Henne started the season 0-4. That year, Moore had 60 percent pass completion rate, he threw for 2497 yards and had 16 touchdowns. Moore finished season 6-6 and the Dolphins finished 6-10. Then in 2016 when Tannehill went down, Moore was called upon again. Moored finished the last three games 2-1 which helped the Dolphins make into the playoffs. However, they lost the game and Moore finished 2-2.

Moore is a great backup quarterback and the Dolphins know this all to well. The Dolphins renewed his contract twice without a second thought. But is he starter quality? Both Cutler and Moore have spent one year under Gase. Gase believes in Cutler and Cutler didn’t have the weapons in Chicago that he has in Miami.