It’s is all over the news that Ryan Tannehill is injured. The major question, just how bad is the injury?

Not only are they concerned about Tannehill and the progress he has been making with the help of head coach Adam Gase, but also who will replace Tannehill if this is a season ending injury? Will it be veteran backup quarter back Matt Moore, Brandon Doughty or will the Dolphins bring in new blood. Maybe Colin Kaepernick?

In the Dolphins front office, Colin Kaepernick’s name was mentioned. Plus, Kaepernick is looking for a job. Dolphin’s owner Stephen Ross stated last week he hoped Kaepernick wasn’t being punished by teams for his politics. Ross went on to say, that if owners and coaches think Kaepernick can help them win, he hoped they would sign him. But, would Ross sign Kaepernick?

The obvious choice is veteran backup quarterback Matt Moore. Moore was the number one backup quarterback of 2016. In 2016, Moore played in a total of four games. One of those four games was the Wild Card game against Pittsburgh Steelers. Granted the Dolphins lost that game, but Moore had 29 completions for 289 yards. Moore had 80% passer rating for that game.

This will be Moore’s seventh season with the Dolphins. Moore has adapted to Gases coaching style and has rapport and chemistry with the team. In 2011, Moore took the starting position from Chad Henne. Henne started the year 0-4 for the Dolphins. Moore finished 6-6 and the Dolphins finished 6-10. In 2012, The Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill.

In 2016, Kaepernick had 196 completions for 2241 passing yards and 16 touchdowns. Kaepernick had a 59% completeion but a quarter back rating of 55 (ESPN). Kaepernick finished the season 25th among quarterbacks.

Doughty hasn’t seen any NFL time other than preseason. However, Doughty’s last year at Western Kentucky, he had 388 completions for 5055 yards and 48 touchdowns.

If the Dolphins do pick up Kaepernick, I have a hard time believing Kaepernick would start over Moore. Moore has proven himself time and time again. Plus, Kaepernick would have to revamp his whole style to fit with Gase’s.