Panthers Rookies Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel find themselves in an extraordinary situation this season

McCaffrey and Samuel are surrounded by many star players, and excellence is expected from them at the start.  In addition, Moton adds much-needed depth and ability to the Carolina Panthers offensive line.  However, with these three future stars in the offensive mix, what does the future look like for Carolina?  Only time will tell if these already-beloved rookies will quickly adapt to NFL playbooks.

However, the timing for Carolina could not be better.  With Newton coming back from shoulder surgery, and Oher off the IR, the revamped Carolina ground game should pose a threat to opposing teams.  If McCaffrey and Samuel can quickly adapt to an NFL playbook, these rookies could become the offensive version of Kuechly and Davis.  With Samuel being listed as a WR, Carolina also is looking to give Newton more weapons downfield.

Curtis Samuel speaking to OC Mike Shula at Practice
Curtis Samuel speaking to OC Mike Shula at Practice Photo Credit: Jeff Siner

Cam Newton: Will he rebound?

This season, Newton looks to rebound closer to his 2015 QBR of 99.4.  Last season, Newton, marred with injuries to himself and his offensive line found himself floating in the mid seventies, in terms of QBR.

With that said, Newton has room for improvement himself.  With fourteen interceptions last season, Newton found himself ranked eighth in terms of interception percentage rate, which is worrisome for many Panthers fans.  As Newton draws nearer to the age of thirty, the Panthers may need to shift offensive styles to a more pass-friendly style.

McCaffrey, Samuel, and Moton all seem eager to prove their worth to this Carolina Panthers franchise.  This team needs these rookies to give it their all, however, if their attitudes speak for their future actions, these rookies are ready to do just that.

Even with the questionable offensive line, this year’s edition of the Panthers offense will be difficult to stop.  The timing for these youngsters to step up onto the big stage couldn’t be any more perfect.

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