After Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen talked all about his affinity for Andy Reid, the Eagles and his childhood sweatshirt, the rookie quarterback actually had some worthwhile comments that caught my attention when it came to the Kansas City Chiefs defense.
The Chiefs give up 427.4 yards per game (No. 31), 302.7 passing yards per game (No. 28) and 124.8 rushing yards per game (No. 25).
ROSEN: “I think a lot of those numbers are a little bit deceiving because they’re up by like 30 in half their games, so a lot of times they’re just playing back. They let the offense do what they want to do, try to bend not break, hold them to field goals, so I mean, I think they’re like 32nd in pass defense, but I don’t think you should read into that. They’re a very football team with a really good defense.


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