After being with the Steelers for 4 seasons, Markus Wheaton is entering new territory with the Chicago Bears.

This year is going to be different for Markus Wheaton; while in Pittsburgh he had playmakers all around him, now that he is with the Bears he is apart of a rebuilding offense. The Bears are going to be without Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffrey this season; but let’s face it, the team did not have great offensive success with the two when they were apart of the team. Unlike Pittsburgh, the Bears are in are rebuilding mode and are not viewed as a playoff contender by many. This is a group of guys with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

Markus Wheaton may provide the Bears with that deep threat that has been missing for the past few years. In his last full season he put up 749 yards and five touchdowns. There is no denying that the presence of Antonio Brown benefited Wheaton. For a big season to occur, the Bears will need someone to emerge. This is a spot I would look for Victor Cruz or Kevin White to step up as receiving threats. If just one of the two has a successful season, then I would expect a big year from the former Pittsburgh Steeler.

Realistic Expectations for Markus Wheaton

Being in a new environment will have Wheaton out to prove something this year. The skill set is there, but can he stay healthy? If the wide receiver can play a full 16 games this year, expect big results. Do not be surprised if he racks up close to 1,000 yards. A lot of this, will depend on how well the quarterback plays. The Chicago Bears have a young and talented group on offense this year. I think it will be a surprisingly fun and gritty group. There are a lot of guys out to prove something this year, none more than Markus Wheaton.

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