Johnny Manziel is looking to return to the NFL.

It’s going to take a lot of trust from a team, but somebody could take a chance on him. Some teams are looking for a quarterback. Whether it be for depth or a starter, teams do need a someone to fill that role.

The 49ers are a team that could use a quarterback. However, don’t expect John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan to give Johnny Football a call.

Why Manziel is out of the NFL

The Texas A&M product is a talented young man. He won the Heisman and amazed his way into the national spotlight.

It’s how he ended up as a first-round pick going to the Browns back in 2014. Many were excited to see what would happen with Manziel at the next level.

It took only two years for people to find out. The college football phenom would go on to be a bust.

Many will look back on some of his moments in which he showed flashes of promise. Where he would dazzle the Browns fans with his athleticism and ability to keep the play alive.

However, with abusing substances and moments of immaturity, Manziel would be out of a job in Cleveland.

Now he wants to come back. Many would look at the 49ers as a team for him. They need a quarterback, and they have a former offensive coordinator of the young man’s from his professional time with the Browns.

Johnny Football isn’t coming to the 49ers

The reason as to why Manziel isn’t expected to come to the Bay Area is because he is the reason as to why Kyle Shanahan was fired from the Browns.

The front office pushed for the former Heisman winner to start over the current 49ers’ starter, Brian Hoyer. When the front office got their wish, the offense stalled with Manziel at the helm instead of Hoyer. Shanahan sounded his displeasures with this decision that he didn’t want from the start and was eventually let go.

When a former associate of work is displeased by a former colleague, they don’t usually write rave reviews about them. Shanahan doesn’t believe that Manziel fits his offense with his play style and that Hoyer is better suited. That was the decision then, and that’s the decision now.