The 49ers turned some heads with their choice for a quarterback during the NFL Draft. Although, it wasn’t for the best of reasons as the team surprised people with their selection of CJ Beathard.

The Iowa University quarterback was not projected to be picked so early. Especially ahead of so many other quarterbacks that were lower on many other experts’ mock drafts. However, Shanahan is taking a chance with bringing him onto the team’s depth chart. Shanahan sees something in the third rounder that many of us don’t. That’s clear, but exactly what is it?

Shanahan says that Beathard is best for his system

The same reason as to why Hoyer and Barkley are with the 49ers right now is why Beathard was drafted. He fits the system that Shanahan implements. It helps a player when you’re trying to develop them. If they fit the system, then they will find success.

Beathard is conservative with his passing and is okay with letting the run game control the offense for him. He can read the defense and makes smart decisions both pre- and post-snap. Plus, he’s not afraid to run the ball if he has to, and is willing to take on big hits to move the ball down the field.

Beathard is a natural thrower

When Shanahan talked about what traits he likes to see in a quarterback, one of the things that kept coming up was the term “natural thrower.”

There are so many ways to be successful, but for the most part you want a guy who’s a pure thrower. There aren’t very many of them on the planet, but ideally you look for a guy who’s a pure thrower and who’s fearless.

These are the same things that Shanahan said about him during a press conference after drafting him.

I just saw him battle through adversity. You look at the numbers and they weren’t the same as the previous year. But numbers are something I very rarely look at.

You go through an entire game, and how good does he do his job? I think he does his job very well. I think he gives his team a very good chance to win.

Beathard has the traits that Shanahan is looking for.

Beathard is a great leader and teammate

One of the key picks that the 49ers drafted were Beathard’s teammate, George Kittle. Kittle is someone that brings high praise for his college quarterback to the pros.

You know, I was blessed to be with C.J. since freshman year and he’s just a guy that, he loves football more than anything, other than maybe his daughter. But, he lives and breathes it. It’s all he cares about. And he is a genius in the film room and on the football field. He knows absolutely everything that everybody’s gonna do. And I think my favorite thing about C.J. is just how much his love and emotion brings everyone else around. He’s one of the best leaders I’ve ever been around. And, I thought he was a great leader just from the start. I mean, he was a leader when we stepped on campus our freshman year.

He was the first guy that we looked at and he was the guy that we looked at as, the guy was a redshirt sophomore and C.J. came in for a couple games and we had fifth year seniors looking to C.J. to lead us to wins. And that’s just the thing he can do. He’s just a guy that everybody looks up to and he’s just one of the best guys on the field.

It’s always nice to have a good reference when going into a new job. Especially, when that reference is a player that the organization considers a great asset to the team.

How will Beathard turn out?

It isn’t fair to give a player that is already the team’s third-string quarterback unrealistic expectations. Beathard could end up being the Dak Prescott or Russell Wilson of this year, but at this point, he’s a project.

This is clearly Shanahan’s pick, and because of this, many people expect something out of the former Hawkeye. As of now, fans can only hope for the best. Let’s see what Beathard can do.