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Continuing our in-depth look at Madden 18, the Buccaneers wide receiver and tight end positions are next up.

The top wide receivers in Madden this year are no surprise to any football fan.  Julio Jones 98, Antonio Brown 97, A.J. Green 94, Odell Beckham Jr 93, and Dez Bryant 91.  The only thing that might be a shock is Jones higher than Brown.  Wide receiver is incredibly deep this year as the 90 and over club are also DeAndre Hopkins 91, Jordy Nelson 91, Mike Evans 90, and Larry Fitzgerald 90.

Mike Evans- 90

Evans is the highest rated player on the Buccaneers roster and for good reason. 88 speed keeps Evans out of the elite deep threat category, but overall his stats are very impressive.  91 acceleration and 95 release allows him to get off the ball quick in the redzone and for those quick slants.  81 strength means he won’t get stuffed at the line of scrimmage and and 88 catch puts him in the upper echelon of wide receivers.  The most impressive stats though is his 96 awarness.  For a widereceiver this is huge as it means if the ball is in the air Evan knows where it is and shouldn’t miss many opportunities.  Evans is a redzone threat extraordinaire with 94 jumping, 96 spectacular catch, and 95 catch in traffic.  These are amazingly high and allow Evans to be one of the best wide receiving redzone targets in this years Madden.


DeSean Jackson- 87

Speed kills in Madden and Jackson has plenty of speed 94. While Evans is the elite redzone threat Jackson is the elite downfield widereceiver.  91 Accelertaion, 96 agility, and 90 catching are very impressive for the diminuative Jackson.  These stats reinforce his position as the speedy wide receiver to compliment Evans.  The other area Jackson could provide help in is special teams.  88 kick return for a team who has struggled to have a solid return option in years past can pay big dividends.  Like to run end arounds? Jackson should excel with a 95 elusivness , 94 ball carrier vision, and 92 juke move which are stats higher than the Buccaneers running backs.


Adam Humphries- 76

Humphries come in at the 3rd best wide receiver on the Buccaneers Depth chart.  88 speed, 89 acceleration,  and 87 catch.  As the 3rd wide receiver he provides stability in certain sets and can be considered reliable, but won’t have many game breaking plays.  78 in elusiveness and 38 in trucking means don’t expect to be getting out of tackles and getting yards after the catch.  Spectacular catch 76 and catch in traffic 79 limit his ability to run plays over the top and across the middle.


Chris Godwin- 75

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Godwin might be the 4th best overall, but this will be the guy most people have in their 3rd WR slot.  91 speed, 92 acceleration, and 82 catch make him a solid #3-#4 option.  His only real downfall is awareness 65.  Spectacular catch 82 and catch in traffic 79 are respectable.  Overall Godwin can be a huge help to the passing game.


Josh Huff- 71

Speed 91, acceleration 92, and elusiveness 85 are Huff’s only eye popping numbers. With an Awareness 73 and catch 76 he is serviceable, but could prove a liability on offense.  Special teams could be a spot for him as he is at 87 kick return, 82 spin move, and 86  juke move.


Donteea Dye – 64

This far down the depth chart you look for little things and situational help. Dye nas a 91 speed and 93 acceleration.  These aren’t bad numbers, but with the depth of the Buccaneers Dye should only be played in case of emergency.   58 awareness and low all around stats make for poor WR quality.


Freddie Martino- 62

Slow 89 speed, 89 acceleration, and 56 awareness makes for someone you don’t want in your lineup unless you have too.  78 catching, but only 61 route running and 68 catch in traffic.


Bobo Wilson- 62

See above, but slower 87 speed, 89 acceleration and 51 awareness.  on a positive note 81 in kick return and 80 in ball carrier vision.


Bernard Reedy- 60

88 speed, 88 acceleration, and 80 catch.  A plus athlete though with 87 jump 81 elusiveness, and 87 juke move.


Cameron Brate- 83

Last seasons big surprise was the emergence of Brate as a legitimate starting tight end.  Speed 80 might not be his strong suite, but across the board his stats are very nice.  86 acceleration, 86 awareness, and 88 catch, which are very impressive for a tight end.  Brate will be a great red zone target with 85 spectacular catch, 83 catch in traffic, 81 route running, and 76 in release.


O.J. Howard- 82

Howard is the 2nd highest rated rookie in the game!  87 speed , 90 acceleration, and 82 catch make for a dangerous weapon for the Buccaneers.  69 awareness is the only real downside which is associated with being a rookie.  77 trucking paired with 78 stiff arm will allow you to break open field tackles.  Catch in traffic 79, spectacular catch 77, release 68 and route running 72 which are all lower than Brate surprisingly.


Luke Stocker- 68

Goalline blocking is about the only place Stocker will provide value, with 72 impact blocking, and 72 run blocking strength.  Respectable speed 81 and acceleration 88, but that’s where it ends for Stocker.  73 catch and poor spectacular catch 73 make him a liability in the red zone.


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