The 2013 NFL Draft is a major upgrade over the prior one. A good amount of the players on this list are still with the 49ers and have been solid contributors. The unfortunate part about this, though, is that this was at the end of when the 49ers were amongst the league’s elite.

First round draft pick: Eric Reid, FS

The 49ers traded up to get this LSU product. It’s one of the best picks that the team in replacement for Dashon Goldson, and he was worth it. He made the pro bowl in his first season in the league, and he’s been a stable part of the 49ers’ defense since being drafted.

Second round draft picks: Cornellius  “Tank” Carradine, DE & Vance McDonald, TE

The first of the second round duos is the man known as “Tank.” He is another member of Baalke’s illustrious All-ACL Team that includes another member of this draft class. He hasn’t done much to show that he was worth the high pick considering his previous injury history in college.

The second is McDonald, who, depending on your opinion of him is either “stone hands” or an up-and-coming tight end. As of right now, he’s been very productive for the offense and is beginning to change people’s perceptions of his play. He’s worth the contract extension that he signed.

Third round draft pick: Corey Lemonier, OLB

He got a sack and safety on Carson Palmer in his rookie season, and that’s all he’s ever really done for the 49ers though. After the 49ers cut him, he was on three separate teams in 2016, and it would be unlikely that he would make the Jets roster.

Fourth round draft picks: Quinton Patton, WR & Marcus Lattimore, RB

Patton was unable to break out as a serious threat at receiver. He is a bonafide number three or four option and brought little to the table. He only had one touchdown during his time in San Francisco and failed to eclipse 1,000 career receiving yards. Shanahan has done a great job in replacing the Louisiana Tech product.

Lattimore is the other member of the All-ACL Team. It’s a sad story about him in the pros, as he was unable to play one down. His college injuries were too severe for him to get back to the way he was and unfortunately, he had to retire.

Fifth round draft pick: Quinton Dial, DT

Dial has been an outstanding contributor on the defensive line. He brings an added depth to the unit, as well as proficient size and technique at his position. He will continue to help this defense get back to the way it was.

Sixth round draft pick: Nick Moody, ILB

He’s essentially a career backup and special teams player. He’s not signed to a team at this point, and will most likely end up on a practice squad.

Seventh round draft picks: BJ Daniels, QB; Carter Bykowski, OT; Marcus Cooper, CB

Daniels has been on six different teams throughout his career. He changed his position to wide receiver, which is the best option for him. He seems like he is getting used to his new role, but I don’t expect a Terrelle Pryor situation anytime soon.

Bykowski is a career practice squad player. There’s nothing wrong with that, though.

Cooper has molded a pretty respectable career for himself. He’s got seven interceptions, including one that went for a touchdown. He will most likely be a consistent nickel corner.

Overall Overview of this draft class

This draft class is much better than 2012. That’s not saying much, but it’s nice to have players that have stayed longer than just two years.