Lions fans are holding their breath after Eric Ebron was carted off Ford Field, during Saturday’s team scrimmage.

During a red zone, no contact drill, Ebron was on the ground clutching the back of his right leg for quite some time before a cart was called over for him. Ebron was not able to put any weight on the leg at all. It is unclear on what exactly took Ebron to the ground.

It is now being reported through several media outlets that Ebron has an Achilles injury that is considered “significant”.

The Lions, who are trying to find life without Calvin Johnson this year, were dependent upon having Ebron on the field and if the reports are accurate, it appears Ebron might not even have a shot at playing this season; this of course, is pure speculation.

Lions’ players and fans are hoping for the best and as for Ebron, he did manage to tweet that “God got me” following the injury.