The Lions have been doing a patch job, during the off season, trying to find ways to stop the bleeding after Calvin Johnson announced his retirement. Now that the dust has settled, what the Lions are left with really isn’t too shabby. The Lions have a lot of guys who can catch the ball with Golden Tate and Marvin Jones leading the way on the depth chart.

The Lions have signed veteran wide receiver, Anquan Boldin to a 1 year deal. Boldin has a Super Bowl ring and 3 pro-bowl appearances on his extensive resume. When fans hear the word “veteran,” a lot of times they translate it to “washed up.” That being said, if you look at Boldin’s production the past several years, there is no doubt that he can get it done. Boldin has finished in the top 35 for wide receiver production the past 9 seasons, although he has not been on a top offensive team for quite a while.

A great stat that is on the Detroit Lions website, if you combine the remaining receivers on the Lions depth chart;  TJ Jones, Andre Roberts, Andre Caldwell and Jeremy Kerley, they all totaled 491 yards and 5 touchdowns; Boldin was able to outperform them with 789 yards receiving and only one less touchdown with 4. The truth is, the Lions have a lot of mediocre options and a couple of rock solid options. By adding Boldin to the mix, Matthew Stafford has a third wide receiver he can depend on. Between Tate, Jones, Boldin and tight end Eric Ebron, the Lions look pretty good, as long as Stafford isn’t running for his life.

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with a seasoned player who puts up above average numbers, who can perform well from the slot position and even more importantly, Boldin can be a strong leader in the locker room and act as a mentor to younger players, like TJ Jones who can learn a lot from a pro bowl player.

Is Boldin the answer to filling the void Calvin Johnson left?  No, he’s not. But, is Boldin a player that can be a difference maker for a transition wide receiver situation in Detroit? Yes, he is.  This is a good sign for the Lions overall.