We’ve reached the end of our roster review for players that are set to become free agents, and we’ve saved the… saddest for last. Kasey Redfern was never supposed to be part of the equation for 2017, but his brief time on the team was a notable one. Here is our review for Lions punter Kasey Redfern.
[Editor’s note: Our roster review series will continue with players signed for the 2018 season to examine their roles going forward]
Kasey Redfern
Expectations before 2017
The Lions signed Redfern back in April of 2017. At the time, the signing was assumed to be just a camp body addition to help the Lions’ starting punter Sam Martin take some reps off during offseason practices. At the time, here’s what I wrote about the signing.
“Assuming there is no secret injury to Sam Martin, Redfern will be nothing more than a camp body for Detroit.


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