The rumor mill is alive and well, and the latest one concerning the Los Angeles Rams contains another connection to Washington: Kirk Cousins.

In an article by Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated’s MMQB, Breer laid out the current situation with the Redskins and Kirk Cousins.

The disagreement on Cousins’ price might drive the quarterback to free agency, should the Redskins not place a second consecutive franchise tag on him. There are reports that Washington’s front office does not want to do that, but rather let the market dictate Cousins’ price.

Breer goes on to illustrate alternative scenarios…

As I understand it, the Redskins were of a mind to let the market decide what Cousins is worth, but I’d say that consideration has been seriously complicated over the past few weeks with the Rams hiring Sean McVay and the 49ers hiring Kyle Shanahan.

He continues…

The potential for the Rams to make a move on Cousins isn’t as immediate. But if things didn’t wind up working out with Jared Goff in 2017, it’s not insane to think the Rams might kick the tires on Cousins in 2018.

That excerpt by Breer is what set off Rams Twitter and the fanbase alike.

What Breer wrote is his opinion. He didn’t cite any sources or say “someone told me.” He’s just throwing darts at the wall and spelling out a possible scenario. But that is if Cousins is available following the 2017 season and if Goff doesn’t work out for the Rams’.

Give Goff Time

The chances of Goff being a complete failure and not working out for the Rams exist, but they are small, in my opinion.

Goff made a lot of mistakes in 2016, but look where he made them: in the cesspool of the NFL. The Rams offense was governed by Jeff Fisher who refused to address the problems on offense. Plays were called by a green offensive coordinator who had no running game. The quarterback had little time to make good throws, if he had any time at all.

The regime from 2016 is gone, and in its place, is a coaching staff that has decades of combined quarterback experience. McVay is not a miracle worker, but he’s the closest thing the Rams have.

Luckily for Los Angeles, Goff is already a powerful, yet raw, talent. He makes huge throws with ease and packs a lot of power behind them. He needs to be groomed by the proper coaches and allowed to grow in a competent offense.

If Cousins is available in 2018, I would not expect the Rams to kick the tires. Highly-drafted quarterbacks aren’t typically given a two-year leash to reach the high expectations set by the franchise.

Hell, even Ryan Leaf was even given three years.

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