A few years ago at Rock M Nation, we released what began as a top-100 list of Mizzou’s greatest athletes, coaches, teams, etc. You can find an index here. We updated the list for a few new entries in 2014, and the next time the list is updated, it will include quite a few new entries — J’den Cox, for instance.
There aren’t just a ton of female entries on the list. Part of that might have to do with our own blindspots — I, along with the people I enlisted to help put the list together, simply might not know as much about female sports or its participants. But part also has to do with the simple fact that Mizzou hasn’t had a dramatically successful history in terms of female sports.
Here’s the list of women we originally included:
The next time the list is updated, let’s go ahead and assume there will be a new name atop this list of women.


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