The brief period between the Super Bowl and when the offseason starts to pick up always brings a lot of uncertainty – coaches deciding which players to keep, determining how much cap space a team has and working to put together a successful lineup for the upcoming season. Rumors have been circulating about potential changes in the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback position – but general manager John Dorsey stands behind Alex Smith.

There has been all sorts of conjecture as to whether or not quarterback Alex Smith will remain at the helm of the team. Some speculated Tony Romo or Jimmy Garoppolo potentially being traded to the Chiefs, and some have even gone so far as to predict Drew Brees as a candidate. In a teleconference with the Kansas City Star, Dorsey put the rumors to rest. He said, “We’ve said all along he is the starter. I don’t know what more you want me to say.”

In four seasons with the Chiefs, Smith has led the team to three playoff appearances and engineered an impressive home win streak at Arrowhead Stadium. “All the hypotheticals about trades and all that, you know what, right now I’m worried about fostering the plans for this organization not only on the pro football side, but on the college side too,” Dorsey said.

Though there have been some tough losses and careless mistakes from the quarterback, the bottom line is that Smith wins games. He has the fourth most wins in the last three seasons as a starter, behind only Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.

In a league that is constantly changing and evolving, anything is possible for the Chiefs in this offseason. However, it might be more beneficial to focus on keeping big playmakers like cornerback Eric Berry and receiver Tyreek Hill rather than take a gamble on a new quarterback that would more than likely need time to find a rhythm with this Chiefs team.


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