How the loss of Terrell Lewis will impact Alabama

The hype surrounding Terrell Lewis always seemed justified.
Just look at him.
At 6-foot-5 and 256 pounds, the Alabama junior has the lean, sinewy build of an elite pass rusher.
He also has a tantalizing blend of speed and power — qualities that made him a defensive terror.

We already talked about it in a dedicated article yesterday, but I can’t express how upset I am at the news about Terrell Lewis. I pegged him as my favorite player from his recruiting class before they ever set foot on campus, and have expected big things from him every season since. And now another injury.
As Josh said yesterday, he’s just too explosive for his own size. Muscles can get bigger with training, but joints and ligaments are what they are, and can only handle so much.
I am in mourning.


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