Lynch isn’t messing around

When new 49ers general manager John Lynch told 49ers fans to “stay awake” during free agency, he wasn’t kidding. Not only has he used the huge cap space to the team’s advantage, but also has kept it intriguing for the fans. It’s something that wasn’t seen with Trent Baalke at the helm, as he wanted to use the draft exclusively and not use the opportunity of free agency. Now that the new GM has been aggressive in the period of the offseason it gives fans hope that the team is starting to go in the right direction.

What Lynch is doing so far

He isn’t just letting Shanahan run the entire roster,¬†but he is currently a significant part of the decision making. Lynch started it all off with the signing of defensive tackle, Earl Mitchell. With Mitchell being an essential component of the new 49ers defense that desperately needs help at his position, it shows that he knows what the team needs are already.

He then goes on to get nickel cornerback specialist, K’Waun Williams¬†and signs him to a one-year deal. He saw that Williams had an injury history and didn’t want to risk too much on someone with injuries after a year that the same thing plagued the 49ers.

Lynch is still creating buzz about a possible trade that could give the 49ers the quarterback that they need in Kirk Cousins. Although the trade talks are beginning to die down, it’s still great to see he’s making an effort to fill the void at quarterback. Plus, there are talks about bringing in another former quarterback disciple of Shanahan’s in Brian Hoyer.

As of yesterday, Lynch made a big move in showing that he isn’t playing around. He released two veterans in Torrey Smith and Antoine Bethea. Most notably, Smith was going to be in the third year of the five-year deal he signed in 2015. However, Smith wasn’t able to put up the numbers worthy of the $40 million contract he signed; he didn’t even amass 1,000 in the two years with the team. The Bethea release was a showing that the team wants to go with a younger unit on defense.

Most recently, the 49ers are looking into signing Pierre Garcon. He is familiar with Shanahan from their shared time in Washington, so we could see another reunion coming in.

What can we expect from the rest of the offseason?

Lynch is going to keep up the aggressive trend for the remainder of the offseason. Don’t expect the Kirk Cousins trade to go through, but expect him to make moves to fill the quarterback position. He will continue to improve the defensive unit as well as the playmakers on offense. The way that he’s been in free agency is only a telling sign as to how he will be in the draft. Expect even bigger things to come.