As we near the New York Jets 3rd preseason game against the Giants, we have reached the do or die phase of training camp. The time for the first major roster cuts to be made is rapidly approaching. All 32 NFL teams need to have their rosters down to 75 players by 4 pm this coming Tuesday. This means that at least 15 Jets are going to be given their walking papers if they can’t prove against the Giants that they deserve to stay.

For the most part the players that get cut at the first roster cut downs are no name players or ageing veterans trying to prolong their career. However there are more than a few familiar names that could find themselves on the chopping block this weekend. With cut day looming, there is no time like the present to take our first look at the JETSDAQ for the 2016 season. For those unfamiliar with JETSDAQ, each week we will take a look at the individual Jets’ that are watching their stock rise and fall. This year we start off with a halfway through preseason edition.


Leonard Williams: After a pretty good rookie year, Jets fans are expecting Leonard to take his game to the next level in 2016. If his performances in the Jets two preseason games are any indication he is going to be doing just that. Through two games he has two sacks as well as a forced fumble on a botched hand off. Williams has accumulated these stats despite his playing time in the two games only combining to amount to about one half of football. All signs are pointing towards his stock sky rocketing in 2016.

Bryce Petty: When the Jets finally signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a contract on the eve of camp, there were a lot of Jets fans that feared that Bryce Petty would be the odd man out at the end of training camp. However, through two preseason games Petty has outplayed Geno Smith and been more consistent than Fitzpatrick. After his performance against the Redskins in the Jets second preseason game there is now a real chance that Petty will overtake Smith for the second spot on the depth chart.

Robby Anderson: This undrafted free agent out of Temple was quietly one of Todd Bowles favorites going into training camp, and then he exploded onto the scene with a big performance against Washington in Week 2 of the preseason. If Robby Anderson can come close to matching the 6 receptions for 131 yards and a TD that he put up last week against the Giants on Saturday Night, there is a good chance that he could earn one of the vacant receiver spots on the regular season roster.

Buster Skrine: In his post practice Press Conference on Wednesday, Todd Bowles all but announced that Buster Skrine had beaten out Marcus Williams for the starting cornerback spot across from Darrelle Revis. “ I would say Buster Skrine at this point,” said Bowles, before continuing “he’s in a different scheme so he has a better grasp mentally of what we’re trying to do and a better grasp of where he needs to be positionally, which is a big jump from him last year.”


Geno Smith: When players reported for training camp it appeared as if the Jets were ready for Geno Smith to be their starter. Then they signed Ryan Fitzpatrick right up before their self-imposed deadline and Smith was relegated back to back-up duty. Now it is a very real possibility that he may not even be on the Jets regular season roster at all. Bryce Petty has greatly out played Smith in the two post-season games, and unless Geno is able to get his game on track against the Giants, his career in Green and White might be coming to an end.

All Jets Tight Ends: Last year the Jets tight ends played little to no role in the offense outside of blocking. So far in the preseason it looks like that is where they are headed again. Both Kellen Davis and Zach Sudfeld coughed up fumbles against the Redskins, and Amaro continuously fails to prove that he can consistently catch the football.

Kyle Williams: Kyle Williams was brought in because the Jets front office thought there was a chance he could be the answer to their kick/punt returning woes. However, so far this preseason he has been dramatically overshadowed by Jeremy Ross and Jalin Marshall. At this point it would take a dramatic turn of events for him to be able to win the return job