The Dallas Cowboys’ Owner Jerry Jones had quite the 72 hour period in Canton, Ohio starting on Thursday night. Jones witnessed his team overcome an early 15 point deficit to win their preseason debut 20-18. Which paled in comparison to what was about to transpire over the next two days.

The following evening Jerry Jones received his gold jacket and threw a party for the ages. Reportedly the party cost $16 million which is nothing to a man of Jones’ affluence. The party even poked fun at Jerry, starting with his napkins at the tables. CBS Analyst and former Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo provided a picture via his twitter account.

It was quite the party according to social media. The guest list included Tony Romo, Barry Switzer, Jon Bon Jovi and a certain singer who took the stage for the evening’s entertainment.

Yes Justin Timberlake was performing for family and friends of Jerry Jones. This party was the prelude to the main event that took place with the enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Jones was second to last in order to giving his speech. His wife,  Gene Jones would introduce her husband and best friend.

During his speech Jones made sure to mention his former quarterback in Tony Romo.

“No quarterback in Cowboys history was asked to carry as much of the load for his team as Tony. He beat all the odds and delivered some of the most remarkable plays and unforgettable performances in team history.”

Jones went on to talk about his current tight end Jason Witten, who by most accounts is seen as first-ball Hall of Famer. Of course Jerry could tell you all the reasons why Jason is one of the best tightends in NFL history but to Mr. Jones, Witten is so much more than just a football player.

“He’s right there in my top five of all-time favorite persons – not players – but persons. He’ exudes character and class in everything he does.”

Jason Witten responded through his Twitter account his appreciation to Jerry Jones. It was not just about selecting him in the NFL Draft, but what he meant to Jason as a person, boss and father figure. A classy move that we can all learn from.

Jerry made it a point to thank many in his speech including the fans, not just the ones who bleed silver and blue. He thanks the fans of the Giants, Washington and the Eagles. Each fanbase makes sports worthwhile so one can understand where the former Arkansas Razorback was coming from. During the longest speech of the night the name Jimmy Johnson was brought up.

Over the many years since Johnson’s departure in 1994, many have spoken ill of Jones. Stating that he forced Jimmy to leave because he wanted all of the credit for the team that they built together. The team would have never reached the pinnacle if it was for the trade of Herschel Walker, which he also mentioned. Jerry would thank Jimmy for their partnership.

You were a great teammate and gear partner. contrary to popular belief, we worked so well together for five years and restored the Cowboys credibility with our fans. We were back-to-back. We were driven. We had thick skin. We took all the criticism they could dish out. I thank you.

Jones not once broke down during his speech as he stood there in his custom made Nike shoes, which were a gift from Phil Knight. He talked about his wife, his children and his experiences as a new owner. Jerry has brought so much to this game to make it better, but now the celebration is over. The Cowboys must now shift focus to the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday.