There have been very small rumors flying around that Jeremy Hill of the Cincinnati Bengals could be possible trade target for the Eagles. Mike Clay of ESPN tweeted out saying that it would benefit both the Eagles and Bengals.

Following this tweet, Clay went on throwing Mychal Kendricks’ name into the mix:

The Eagles are in definite need of running back help this offseason. Signs have pointed to them taking one in this year’s draft, but Hill seems like good option. The LSU product is only 24 and has been in the league for a solid three years. This also means that he has plenty left in the tank in terms of production.

Breaking Down Hill’s Talent

Hill has a massive frame standing at 6’2” and weighing 236 pounds. A downhill runner at heart, he has also proven that he can catch out of the backfield. Giving up Kendricks and a late round pick wouldn’t be too much of a hit for the Eagles; Hill’s cap hit only just above $1.1 million for 2017.

There is plenty of reason to say that the Eagles shouldn’t go for Hill because of how strong the running back position is in this year’s draft. However, he is an established workhorse whereas drafting a potential bust is risky.

The Eagles draft board should contain a running back or cornerback somewhere on on it. Still, Hill is a well-rounded back who offers plenty of talent on the field. The Eagles should not shy way from possibly acquiring him during draft weekend.