The 49ers’ new tandem of Shanahan and Lynch have been creating buzz around the league for the way they’re helping the team. Everything from bringing in a new coaching staff, culture, and players. It’s a refreshing and exciting time for San Francisco.

However, there’s still one remaining face in that organization that many still hold a grudge against. That man is the CEO and owner of the team, Jed York.

A man that allowed the team to return to obscurity after a brief stint of success. He sided with Baalke over Harbaugh which resulted in the team now having their third head coach in three straight seasons after Harbaugh. He’s known for not only being insufferable to the fans, but also his neighbors. Not to mention, that one time he left a journalist with a $2,100 bill after an interview at a restaurant.

Aside from how the public perceives him, it’s important to see what he can do to help. And the answer is very simple: nothing. Don’t do a thing.

Why York shouldn’t do a thing

As much as people can point to the Baalke-Harbaugh situation, it’s better to use an example in the league already. That one would be the Washington Redskins.

Dan Snyder is not an owner that people necessarily like to put it lightly. If you look at any sports blog, you will not find one positive thing said about the Redskins head coach at all.

From a five year period from 2012 to now the Redskins experienced a few peaks and troughs during all of that. And Snyder had a hand in all of the times the Redskins found themselves on the downturn.

  • In 2012, the Redskins picked Robert Griffin III to take over the team. It all went so smooth until Griffin suffered that horrific knee injury.
  • 2013, the Redskins were falling out, and RG3 was the severe problem in it all. Snyder insisted that the team stick with him, but the Shanahans had other opinions. They wanted Kirk Cousins to start. They were fired.
  • 2014, Jay Gruden comes in as the new head coach and is tasked with helping RG3. Griffin gets hurt and is replaced with Cousins (the guy that the Shanahans wanted to take over).
  • 2015, Scot McCloughan is brought in as the team’s new general manager and changes the whole roster around. He and Gruden get the Redskins into the playoffs. The future begins to look bright.
  • 2016, Snyder doesn’t like the way the team performed in 2016 and fires McCloughan for no reason. Cousins wants to leave because of this, but Snyder won’t let him.

York does not want to make the same mistakes as before. He needs to take a back seat.

How can York still contribute?

York needs a serious fix to his public image. It’s not the best looking thing for him right now. With the situations as mentioned earlier as well as the rumors last season that he almost lost control of the team as owner. Plus that awful place Levi’s Stadium is something that fans despise nearly as much as the team’s recent performances.

York should take the time out of his schedule to reconnect with the fans and gain their trust back. He needs to assure them that he isn’t out of touch and not the person that the media vilifies him to be. If he can do that, then he will win people over. And also get more people in those seats in Santa Clara.