As soon as Jay Cutler pulled himself from the Monday Night match up against the Eagles, the haters emerged on social media and speculations have continued since. 

Reports that were coming out that Cutler was out for 6 months ended up being premature. Jay Cutler, who injured his thumb that was surgically repaired in 2011, aggravated the same thumb in week 1 against the Houston Texans although it wasn’t noted on the week 2 injury report. 

Early in the game, Cutler dealt with flare up pain in the thumb but continued to play, but after he fumbled the ball during a sack, his thumb became more painful. Finally, after an interception in the 3rd quarter, Cutler left the game.  The Bears would eventually end up losing to the Philadelphia Eagles, 29-14.

Reporters, fans and analysts have been relentless ever since. Reports that Cutler is done as a Chicago Bear, reports that he is out 6 months and even more opinionated reporting of Cutler being a “quitter” have been splashed all over the internet and talk shows. The fact is, Head Coach John Fox reported that Cutler has now been diagnosed with a sprained thumb and may not miss much, if any time as previously reported. 

At this point, Cutler is so heavily scrutinized with every move he makes and it is difficult to believe Bears fans will ever cut him some slack.  Maybe Bears fans should take a minute and name the last productive quarterback that the Bears have had prior to Cutler, and perhaps, the stats really do speak for themselves. The Bears simply do not win with Cutler on the sidelines. This is only week 2, it’s time for everyone to chill out and stop blaming the QB for all the problems the Bears have. There is a lot of talent on this young team and 14 more games to pull it together which may or may not happen, but don’t end their season before it has really began. 

To conclude, remember the words spoken from a cheesehead quarterback who plays up North of Chicago; R-E-L-A-X.