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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston is a hot topic these days.

Whether he’s at a school talking to children or working out in his back yard. It seems everything he does or doesn’t do is topic for conversation.

Well, this past week Heath Cummings decided to throw in his two pennys on the topic of Winston.


We all know July is a slow news month for those of us who cover the NFL or any of its 32 franchises, but come on.

For one, why is this even a question? Do fans outside of Tampa really not see just how impactful Winston has been since being drafted in 2015?

In his first two seasons, Jameis has thrown for over 8,000-yards with 50 touchdowns. Yes, he’s thrown 33 interceptions. Is this really enough to drop him to “doesn’t belong” status when comparing him to Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota?

The Raiders quarterback has thrown 11,000-yards with 81 touchdowns and 31 interceptions in his career. This is three-years of production.

Tennessee’s guy in the fight has thrown for 6,000-yards and 45 touchdowns while throwing 19 interceptions.

What I don’t want to do here is undersell what Mariota and Carr have done. They’ve both had very good starts to their careers, but neither has blown Winston out of the water here.

I would give Carr the edge over the Buccaneers quarterback currently. Mariota though? Those two are a lot closer than people are giving them credit, and there’s one reason I give Jameis the win here.


If you don’t appreciate the value of leadership then you’ve never been in – or understand – what it takes to get people to do things their bodies aren’t supposed to do. Not only this, but do it well.

When head coach Dirk Koetter took over, he talked about culture. He talked about changing the culture in Tampa which, let’s be honest, is a losing one.

Historically, the Bucs are not a good team. When they do well, it’s a surprise to most of the nation. When the fall back into the middle or lower ends of the league, nobody is truly surprised.

The former Heisman winner wearing Pewter has changed all of that.


This tweet was sent out by The Pewter Plank’s verified Twitter account. What came later was a full write up supporting the stance.


In it, James Yarcho writes,

“Don’t try to shortchange Winston by saying he doesn’t belong in a group he so clearly does.”


Detractors from Winston’s contributions will point to Mike Evans while ignoring the presences of Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree.

They’ll say he’s got better offensive weapons while leaving out DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry.

Bottom line, the Bucs were worse off before Winston came, and are better not just because he’s on the field but because he is who he is off the field.

He’s the heart-and-soul of his offense and the franchise. Mariota is not. Carr is, but he’s one of a few.

My rankings? Carr, Winston, then Mariota. David’s little brother wins on production by just a hair over Jameis’ leadership as of today.

I’m off my soapbox, get on yours.  Let me know how you feel about this and what your take is on all three young passers.

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