Every day since our bowl game in December, I have expected the sun to rise in the east, President Trump to tweet, and Jalan McClendon to announce his transfer.
Surely, you remember McClendon? The perfect QB body type (6-5; 221 lbs) . . . the strong arm – the kind of arm that seems to move slowly, almost lazily, through the motion, and yet the ball bolts out of his hand like an ICBM (think Jeff George) . . . the heir apparent to Jacoby Brissett . . . and our next and future star QB.
I will state upfront that I do not know Jalan other than what I have seen in the media, so all of my assumptions may be 100% inaccurate. I only refer to him as Jalan for my writing ease (NOTE: since I am 6-0 and 190 lbs, if I was in his presence, I would address him as Mr. McClendon).