Former Jacksonville Jaguars stand-out running backs Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew are impressed with rookie Leonard Fournette.

As a future hall of famer, Fred Taylor’s word in Jacksonville is considered bible. Luckily for Jags fans, the 17th all-time leading rusher is excited by what he sees from Leonard Fournette.

In an interview with Jaguars Today Thursday, Fred Taylor explained, “Leonard’s a beast. Man amongst boys even though he hadn’t had the opportunity to show it this year but I know in college he was just that. I followed his game, he’s an all-around guy, he’s got great hands, he can catch the ball out of the backfield from what I recall.”

Former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, record holder for the most rushing touchdowns and total touchdowns in Jags history, has similar sentiments. After watching Sunday’s practice in-person on Sunday and viewing tape of Friday night’s scrimmage, Jones-Drew told ESPN he sees a bright future for the rookie running back. “I think he’s going to be very successful. He’s going to kind of continue the backs that we’ve had here in Jacksonville.” And while that’s a big statement to make, the former Jaguar continued by explaining, “What I’ve seen to this point, checking in, following [the media] on Twitter, and doing some due diligence, he’s done a phenomenal job.”

The offseason hype surrounding Leonard Fournette has been extensive, to say the least, and will continue throughout the rest of training camp and preseason. But, endorsements from the former Jacksonville Jaguars greats is a sign of good things to come for the offensively-challenged franchise.

Jacksonville Jaguars offseason schedule:

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