Get caught up with Jacksonville Jaguars 2017 Training Camp just in time for the team’s first scrimmage.

Much like most Jags news, training camp has answered a lot of our questions and created many new ones.

The Good

The Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp has featured many moments that ease our nerves as we get closer to the start of the season.

As expected, Leonard Fournette is exciting. Throughout training camp he has remained strong, consistent, and has shown a quick understanding of the Jags offense. He’s had flashes of greatness in his speed around defenders and his consistency at every practice.

Wide receiver Allen Robinson has had a phenomenal showing at this season’s training camp. Although not surprising, Robinson has had a number of big catches and touchdowns. We’ve been able to see him run consistent routes, mentor other teammates, and switch on a dime to create big plays when necessary. The Jacksonville Jaguars will look to stick to a run attack this season, but if Robinson’s training camp performance is any indicator, we can expect him to make big plays when the opportunity arises.

While it’s not wonderful news, I’ve filed the sudden retirement of Branden Albert under “the good” because it lends the continuity to Jacksonville’s offensive line that they desperately need. Without Albert, its 100% that Cam Robinson will be the starting left tackle. If Albert was going to retire, it’s best for the Jaguars that it happens now so the rookie can get as many first team reps as possible.

Defensive tackle Sheldon Day has stood out in multiple drills, while defensive end Dante Fowler has shown explosiveness and elusiveness off the line. Of course, safety Barry Church has been meshing well with the team and quickly showing the ability to read the quarterbacks and offense.

Most impressive from the Jaguars’ training camp has been the coaching staff. Head coach Doug Marrone has created a high level of intensity that seems to only increase daily. Most importantly, the players and entire staff are responding positively to the pressure in performances. The level of dominance and competition will be important factors on the field for the Jags, so it’s nice to immediately see that as a priority in Marrone’s first year as head coach.

The Bad

The bad part of 2017 training camp has been the remaining inconsistency in areas that were already remarkably inconsistent. Yep, talking about Blake Bortles. While we’ve seen strong flashes of improvement, the Jaguars quarterback doesnt appear to be consistent enough. Again, he’s had some big throws, including touchdowns, but he’s also had multiple turnovers and struggled with decision making. Bortles threw five interceptions on day three of camp, alone. Similarly, he can’t seem to stick to an improved throwing motion and often reverts back to his 2016 mechanics. In a bright spot, Chad Henne was named the backup quarterback after evenly splitting backup duties with Brandon Allen.

The starting offensive line still doesnt seem to be set as Jacksonville continues to work multiple combinations. This is an area the Jaguars will desperately need to find stability at to be successful as a ground-based offense.

Punt return has been in constant rotation, as well, with no clear stand-out between Marqise Lee, Dede Westbrook, Rashad Greene Sr., and Shane Wynn.

The Injuries

The injuries haven’t hit the Jaguars too bad during training camp. Biggest to note is that running back I’Tavius Mathers suffered an on-field injury resulting in being spine boarded and rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Mathers was conscious as he was transported and later diagnosed with a cervical spinal cord injury that trainers are optimistic about.

Calais Campbell missed three days of training camp with an undisclosed injury and Larry Watford missed two. Neither are reportedly serious injuries.

Jalen Ramsey, Aaron Colvin, and Marques Williams all entered training camp on the PUP list and currently remain there.

As we hit the first scrimmage, the Jacksonville Jaguars will need to continue to be productive in the good areas, improve in the bad, and remain injury-free to be successful.

Jacksonville Jaguars offseason schedule:


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