As we look into key matchups and positions approaching 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp, let’s start with the issue of Blake Bortles at quarterback.

Uncertainty is an Understatement

It’s an understatement to simply say there’s uncertainty when it comes to Jags quarterback, Blake Bortles. Bortles is an underperformer and one of the most mistake-prone quarterbacks in the NFL.  Ranked 32nd in passer-rating over the last three seasons, Bortles threw 16 interceptions in 2016 and had a 58.9 completion percentage. The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback has been sacked 140 times in his 46 games and demonstrates a costly lack of field vision, while seemingly only getting worse at pre-snap reads.

No Room for Error

Even though Bortles is lucky to have playmakers like Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Marqise Lee to throw to, head coach Doug Marrone plans to limit all possibilities of quarterback mistakes by committing solely to the run game. This was not only proven by the Jacksonville Jaguars number four draft pick of running back Leonard Fournette, but Marrone is open about his plan, as well. When asked how many passes he would like to see Blake Bortles throw in a game this season, the head coach responded, “None. Zero,” explaining he’d “like to run the ball every play.”

Fournette as the Future

It would be difficult not to improve an offense that gave up the 8th most points and had the 2nd most turnovers in the NFL last season. But the Jags head coach Doug Marrone’s plan is to take no chances by minimizing his quarterback’s impact. Luckily, in drafting Leonard Fournette, he puts his faith in an elusive running back that has both the size and speed to become the centerpiece of Jacksonville’s offense. Marrone’s trust of a rookie running back over his 4th-year quarterback paints a clear picture that Bortles room for errors is slim in the 2017 season.

*Check back as we continue to break down key issues on both sides of the ball in our Countdown to Camp.*


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