Joe Thomas is always the center of attention. From his wild ability to play all 151 games and 9,388 offensive snaps, since his draft day, to his nine pro-bowls in nine years, Joe Thomas is a perennial fan favorite. And not just in Cleveland, but abroad. Team after team has been linked to the 312 pound, 6’6″ left tackle over the last few years.

Few football players of Thomas’ caliber find themselves so loyal to a losing franchise. The Browns have been a very meager 47-104 since Thomas came on board, but he see’s the whole thing as a turnaround. A turnaround that his heart wants to be a part of.

“I do want to win a championship and I want to have it in Cleveland,” Thomas said. “I understand when you’re a good older player on a team that’s not winning, it’s natural to have your name out there. But when I first got here, my goal was to be part of turning the Browns into a consistent winner. We haven’t done that yet, so that means my mission is not complete.”

Outside of a negotiated talk with Denver, Thomas has been a solid fixture in Berea. From his amazing twitter account, where he lampoons everything from fellow players, to breakfast, and even the top brass of the NFL themselves, to his interaction with the local community, anyone who is watching can tell that this Wisconsin bred boy has the Cuyahoga running through his veins at this point.

And he has earned the admiration of his fans, players, and coaches through hard work and loyalty. There are many pundits and insiders that believe a trade from Cleveland would end in Thomas’ retirement. The future first ballot hall of famer has made no bones about his love for the city that brought him in, or for the turnaround that he has been working so hard to help Cleveland obtain.

His own words tell the tale:

“It feels good to be loved, so I’m hoping they stick to his word on that. I’ve had the experience of going through this before, my sense is that a trade was close last year, but I try not to worry about something I have no control over. Obviously, I really want to be here. It’s important for me to be part of the turnaround.”