We love Carson Palmer.  He is the definition of a professional quarterback.  Over his career, he has amassed over 44,ooo yards passing, 285 TD’s and a quarterback rating of 88.  Those are stellar numbers, and other quarterbacks would love to match them. The one number that is not working in Palmer’s favor?


That is Carson’s age.  He still continues to play at a high level, but realistically, the Cardinals are one hard hit away from playing a different quarterback.  Right now, Arizona has four quarterbacks on the roster.  The question is:  Is one of them the successor to Carson Palmer?

Let’s break down the candidates:

Drew Stanton

Drew Stanton is an 11-year veteran who has played with the Lions and Cardinals.  He has played 33 total games, with 3,165 yards, and 14 TD’s.  He played a season high nine games in 2014, and he threw for 1,700 yards.  The numbers are just ok for a backup quarterback.  The eye test does not lead me to believe that Stanton could be a starter in this league.

I think he is a career backup.  Although there’s nothing wrong with that, the Cardinals will need to look elsewhere to find their starting quarterback of the future.

Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert is a former 10th overall draft pick for Jacksonville.  He has been in the league for seven years, and he has played 43 total games.  Gabbert has thrown for 7,351 yards, and 38 TD’s.  The numbers are a little better than Stanton’s but after watching him play in Jacksonville and San Francisco, I would not trust him as a starting quarterback in this league.  The only thing he has going for him right now is that he has played on awful teams, so maybe with a better supporting cast, he may be a better quarterback.

That remains to be seen.

Trevor Knight

Trevor Knight is a rookie QB out of Texas A&M.  He played three years at Oklahoma before transferring to A&M for his senior season.  Knight threw for almost 6,000 yards and 44 TD’s, but recent history has shown that Big 12 quarterbacks have not made the transition to the NFL.  They put up big numbers in college, but they do not translate well in the pros.  Currently, Andy Dalton and Sam Bradford are the only former Big 12 quarterbacks that are starting in the league.

This may be a work in progress.

Is The Next Cardinals Quarterback On The Roster?

I personally do not think the quarterback of the future is currently on the roster.  Let’s hope for a season where Palmer stays upright, while also looking for that quarterback that will take over the reigns when Palmer is done.