The Rams Make A Surprising Move And Acquire Sammy Watkins

The Los Angeles Rams agreed to send cornerback E.J. Gains and a 2nd round pick to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for Sammy Watkins and a sixth round pick. This move surprised the whole league. This trade speaks volumes about how the Rams view themselves. Are they confident in the secondary? What about the future? And where does Tavon Austin fit into all of this?

Bye Bye Gains

In a previous post about the initial depth chart, I questioned the Rams decision to not make Gains a starter. We now know why that is, the Rams were using him as a trading chip. They must feel confident with the corners they have to ship off one of the more experienced players. Gains is a solid player and the Bills were able to con the Rams into throwing a second round pick in there as well. The Rams may have given up too much, considering the uncertainty of the Rams struggling secondary.

Watkins Creates Uncertainty For Austin

The Rams may have over paid for Watkins. But they finally have a legitimate number 1 receiver this team has been yearning for since Torry Holt. This trade shows how the Rams felt about Tavon Austin being their top receiver. So where does Austin fit now? The Rams signed another former Bill, Robert Woods, this past off-season as their #2 receiver. Cooper Kupp has been exceeding expectations and looks like he will win the #3 position. Austin can return punts, but he is due a lot of money. The Rams may still be shopping to see who is willing to take Austin off of their hands. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Austin in another uniform by the start of the season.

Is The Rams Offense Actually…..Watchable?

Things may be looking up for this Rams offense. Goff is playing better, Gurley is playing better, and rookies like Kupp and Everett are looking great, this offense may come to life. Sean McVay and Les Snead have added solid acquisitions to the line with Andrew Whitworth and John Sullivan. If the Rams can keep the skill position players under contract, there is a potential Greatest Show On Turf in the making, except well, not on turf.

Did The Rams Improve?

This is always the hope when making a trade, however no one will know until after the season. On paper, the Rams won this trade. Obtaining a player of Watkins’s caliber will automatically improve your teams chances of winning every Sunday. There is one issue, Watkins has an injury history. He missed most of last year with a foot fracture. If he can stay healthy, the Rams greatly improved their playoff chances. Lets all hope that Watkins can stay on the field and produce like the player we know he can be.

Watkins was projected to go the Rams when he was coming out of college, but instead the Rams chose *sigh* Greg Robinson. Luckily the Rams have now seen the light. Here are some of Watkins’s highlights from college to get Rams fans pumped up for him this season.


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