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Classy Giants?

TJ Pezzulo

The past week has been full of ‘fun events,’ if you will. The Giants have gone from a squeaky clean team, to a team with two suspensions.

First, Will Hill was suspended for the first six games of this upcoming season. Today, Jayron Hosley was suspended for the first four games of the season. Both suspensions stemmed from violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy.

The Giants have always been fairly unsoiled when it comes to suspensions, especially suspensions having to do with illegal substances & substance abuse. The Giants always have had a reputation for having standards above the bar.

Hill has had recent quandaries dealing with the same sort of thing. This was Hill’s third strike, technically. The Giants waiving Hill exemplifies one thing – they refuse to make long-term commitments to players who can’t stay on the field. That reputation of being a professional in a professional sport comes into play big time for the Giants.

So, the same goes for Jayron Hosley?

Hosley was a third round pick for the Giants in the 2012 NFL Draft. Out of Virginia Tech, Hosley was brought on to make a difference in the secondary. A good man-cover CB has yet to prove himself & has yet to solidify a spot in the Giants defensive backfield.

The four-game suspension for Hosley is his first offense in ‘off-the-field-extracurricular-activities,’ if you will. Listed as the fifth CB behind DRC-Prince-Thurmond III-McBride, Hosley may not hold a roster spot for too much longer. We’ll get to see how the Giants handle this in time, but if they were willing to let Hill go, the same would make sense with Hosley. Perhaps the Giants will have a ‘3-strike’ sort of deal with Hosley too? In my estimation, I think not.

This raises the question, how will the Giants re-establish a classy atmosphere?

Simply put – coaching. Coughlin’s grasp on the locker room is a clench that many coaches in the NFL wish they had. These two small hiccups won’t affect the atmosphere too much, IMO. With Coughlin and his surrounding troupe well in-tact, they will pledge that their players with the “C” on their jerseys rally the troops and make sure everybody’s on the same page.

Classy Giants? I think so.


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