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Will Jason Garrett Find a Way to Save His Job in 2014?

Jeff Smith

Jason Garrett is squarely on the hot seat, but he can find his way off in the upcoming NFL season?

In the past I wrote about Jason Garrett needing to go regardless of whether or not the Dallas Cowboys are able to make the playoffs. We also saw Cowboys' Journalist Jason Henry talk about Donovan McNabb calling for the firing of Garrett.

So far this offseason, Jason Garrett has to feel like he's on fire with how hot his seat is. This is the final year of his contract, and almost everyone believes he should be on his way out the door after this season (and some believe he should have been gone before this season).

While I publicly stated that he needed to go regardless of the outcome of this season, what we didn't address is if he has a realistic shot at actually keeping his job.

Well, of course he does have a shot, but I'm not sure that it's a realistic one.

The Cowboys came into this offseason with an already questionable defense with a ton of young players, but they lost their defensive field general in Sean Lee. I can only imagine that Garrett walked into his office after getting this news and threw something. Just another challenge that Garrett will need to get his team past in order to have a shot at keeping his job.

The next issue is how tough the Cowboys' schedule is. Garrett's hot seat couldn't have felt any better after seeing the team's schedule in 2014, as it features some of the tougher teams and tougher divisions in the NFL.

To put this simply, if Garrett wants to have a shot at keeping his job, and more importantly finding a way to get a contract extension. The Cowboys are going to need to have an offense that rivals the New Orleans Saints in terms of putting up major points. The defense is simply too inexperienced, and on top of that the NFC is too tough of a league this season.

Now, if the Cowboys can win the division, and make a little bit of playoff noise, then it's possible. Unfortunately though, I just don't see that happening in 2014, and I believe that in 2015 we'll see a new head coach on the sidelines in Dallas.

Jeff Smith is the Fantasy Football Coordinator and Lead Dallas Cowboys Writer for @pfspot. Follow him on Twitter@JSM8ith, and add him on Google+!

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The Cowboys have a week 11 bye and that would be the perfect time to say bye-bye to Garrett if the Cowboys are 5-5 or worse,since the last 6 games doesn't look to help with 4 division games vs NYG,Wash and two with Philly.

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