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What’s Next for the Cowboys After Ware’s Release?

Jason Henry

How will the Cowboys defense look after Ware's departure?

Demarcus Ware was released by the Cowboys and signed by the Denver Broncos today.

After Jones and Ware met to discuss their relationship, the two decided that it was best for them to part ways.

Ware had just six sacks in 2013 and he was due more than $12 million in 2014. The Cowboys simply couldn’t afford to keep him and chase guys like Anthony Spencer and Jason Hatcher. There had to be a casualty, and because of Ware’s injuries and cap number, the team let him go.

I’m sure the Cowboys will miss his production; his ability to pull down the quarterback on a key third down or how great he could be at stopping the run. But at what point does a player become expendable? Was Ware due at least one more season to prove to fans, and the team, that he could return to his old form?

Guess it doesn’t matter now because he belongs to the Denver Broncos.

What will the Cowboys do now that their defensive leader is gone? Who will replace his spot on the field in stature and production?

According to Todd Archer of, the Cowboys will take a group approach. New defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli wants to use a “wave” approach deployed by the Seahawks last season instead of depending on just one guy to produce sacks.

Fans are used to seeing number 94 rise off of a quarterback and now will have to get used to seeing a plethora of players celebrate after making a sack.

Ware was also pretty good at stopping the run as he was one of the better disciplined defensive players in the league. The Cowboys will more than likely use a “down” and “wave” approach to combat the run and pass.

It’s almost as if risk management is involved because the team could sign, or use, two to three players for each specialty.

In the end, I think the Cowboys looked at the risk, the money, the players, and the production of Ware and decided it was best for them to move in a new direction.

Fans shouldn’t allow nostalgia to get in the way of team improvement. Ware was one of the greatest Cowboys players of all-time and his position with the Cowboys can never be replaced.

If the team truly wants divisional and playoff success this season, releasing Ware to get under the cap and sign situational players may have been the best move for long-term success.


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