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The 5 Dallas Cowboys "Sleepers" to Watch in 2014

Jeff Smith

Today we're looking at five Dallas Cowboys players who are considered "sleepers" by many that you should watch in 2014.

I'll start off by clarifying the fact that a "sleeper" doesn't mean someone you don't know in this situation, but it's someone who's not expected to have a big year, but could burst onto the scene in 2014. These are the players who you probably don't expect to play much, or at least do much with their time on the field, but could end up being big for the team.

For the Dallas Cowboys, this is a team who has a pretty loaded offense and a ton of question marks on defense. Also, pretty much everyone knows who their true playmakers are. This doesn't mean that there aren't sleepers on the roster who we should watch for in 2014, so let's get to five to keep your eyes on.

Lance Dunbar- Running Back

I'd say that about 75% of people said "duh" when they read this name. I'm not sure that anyone really has the belief and expectations for Dunbar that I have. Scott Linehan did an excellent job with two talented running backs in Detroit last season, and he'll do it again with DeMarco Murray and Dunbar. Dunbar showed us his upside in the past, and we'll see him have a very nice year in 2014.

Gavin Escobar- Tight End

I've talked about Escobar plenty before, and I feel strongly that this could be his year to get things going. He had that impressive touchdown catch last season where he flipped into the end zone, but this year I expect him to begin getting groomed as the "next Jason Witten" (not that anyone could actually fill in that role.) Witten has a few years left on his career in my opinion, but Escobar is going to see more time on the field this season.

Devin Street- Wide Receiver

This is almost too risky for me. Street comes in as a fifth-round pick, so asking him to be very productive in his first year may be asking a lot. I'm reading a lot of very good things about him so far though, and I think that he's got the chance to make some noise. If he and Tony Romo can get a connection going early, he'll find himself open pretty often with other receiving options like Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Witten getting a ton of attention.

Cole Beasley- Wide Receiver

The last two seasons I've been waiting for Beasley to have his year. He's gotten better in each of the previous two seasons, and he consistently comes up big when the Cowboys need someone to get a clutch first down. I love his game, and he has the potential to be a big-time slot receiver in 2014 for the Cowboys. This offense will be interesting to watch, and I think if Beasley gets the time on the field that he'll be able to have a solid year.

DeVonte Holloman- Linebacker

As excited as I am about the upside of Holloman, I'm also crossing my fingers that he can step up in 2014 for a defense that badly needs him. After losing Sean Lee for the year, he may not end up being the starter at middle linebacker, but he's going to get plenty of field time. Holloman has the potential and the chance to take his game to the next level and become a fan favorite for the Cowboys. He'll be a key player to watch for Dallas in 2014.

Jeff Smith is the Lead Dallas Cowboys Journalist for @pfspot. Follow him on Twitter @JSM8ith, and add him on Google+!

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User Feedback

I don't understand why Dunbar doesn't get more touches. He always plays very well (even though I hate the Cowboys) . He has quick feet and has pretty good vision as well. I don't understand why Murray is still the starter. Only reason he gets so much praise is because he steals all the redzone/goal line carries.

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I definitely think that Street could be a factor in year one. I also think that Dunbar and Escobar should be big additions this year- even if their stats don't blow you away, since there's already talent at their positions.


As far as Dunbar goes, I think he's a very good talent, but when Murray is healthy he's simply better. The guy ran the ball 217 times last season and averaged 5.2 yards per carry, that's crazy good.


Murray JUST started getting touchdowns from inside the 5-10 yard line, as it seemed like they were never giving it to him before. While I like Dunbar a lot, if Murray is healthy he's the better back all-around.

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