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Know Your Chiefs: Ron Parker

William Watts

Welcome to the first Know Your Chiefs, Ron Parker edition.

Let's get to know the safety that everyone in Kansas City has seemingly forgotten about, or never knew.

Except when he sacked Tony Romo...

Ron Parker is an unheralded Kansas City Chiefs player that hasn’t got much attention in the offseason.

Despite making plays for the Chiefs occasionally throughout the 2013 season. Ron is still somewhat of an afterthought for Chiefs Kingdom.

Regardless, Ron Parker can play football. He is 6’0” - 206 lbs. He’s been on the Raiders, Panthers, Seahawks and now, the Chiefs. Parker has studied a variety of physical defenses and might contribute to the team with Kendrick Lewis moving on to the Houston Texans.

Sure, Ron only had 17 tackles in 2013. He didn’t get a ton of playing time, but understand, Kendrick Lewis started every game, including the playoff game. There wasn’t a lot of opportunity for Ron Parker to see the field.

When he was on the Chiefs gridiron, he played well. His 4.35/ 40 speed showed in his relentless pursuit.

Against the Chargers. Ron Parker had six tackles, two pass defenses and an INT. It was an impressive performance when the Chiefs were resting their starters in the final game of the season.

The Chiefs also re-signed Husain Abdullah, a S that also played well in spot duty with the team last year. Grabbing 27 tackles, a half sack and one INT for a TD.

While Husain has the new contract and fan attention. Ron Parker has the closing speed and the incentive to play for a great new NFL contract after this season.

Last year, the Chiefs signed Ron Parker to a two year, $1.2 million contract with only $15,300 of it, guaranteed.

With that in mind, it seems the Chiefs were planning for the departure of Lewis with the signing of Parker and Abdullah in 2013. Hoping Parker would impress and Abdullah would excel after being out of the NFL for the 2012 season.

Re-signing Abdullah doesn’t suggest the Chiefs have the ultimate faith in Ron Parker. However, Parker’s initial contract insinuates that John Dorsey was hoping for this outcome in 2013.

Now, the Chiefs have two in-house options for FS that can both produce in the NFL. Also, the Chiefs will have ample opportunity to draft a safety, if one happens to be the best player on the board when they select.

PFS Chiefs likes LaMarcus Joyner as a sleeper.

Bottom line:

Ron Parker is an NFL veteran with three seasons under his belt.

That’s huge for a player like Parker, who attended Newberry College in South Carolina and didn’t compete against the level of competition he has been challenged with in three seasons in the league.

Parker’s Newberry stats are hard to find, but for instance… in 2009, Ron had 83 tackles, 6 INT’s, 7 pass defenses and 2 FF’s. Here

Granted it was small time college, but that’s the point. Ron Parker needed some seasoning.

With the Kansas City Chiefs, Ron will get his first opportunity to spend a second season with an NFL franchise. That could be huge.

Ron Parker has all the tools and he’s definitely a candidate to take over for Kendrick Lewis in this most vital season for the red and gold.

Geaux Chiefs!!!

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User Feedback

Thanks Chad.

Did you know Chad, rhymes with rad. I'll take compliments that rhyme with the givers' name everyday day of week.

Except Sunday, everyone always says twice on Sunday.

But that day is for football.

That day is for guys like Ron Parker.

That day is for Chhhhhiiiiieeeeeefffffffffssssssss!

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Nicely done Will.  I think it's easy to forget the Chiefs may have a lot of answers on this roster for positions we all consider needs.  Between Parker, Abdullah, and Commings, we just need one to be really good and the rest is great depth.  That's without drafting a S.  Also makes that pick at #23 all the more interesting with where they will go.  

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Great read. I agree with Ryan, just one of the guys he mentioned needs to be good. Who knows, if Parker actually gets a chance he might be great. No one expected anything out of Cooper, but look what he did when he got the chance. This draft should be exciting, there are so many different avenues of approach the Chiefs could take. Exciting times. 

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I think they'll move him all over in the secondary.

But he has a shot to be a starting free safety and I think that's his mindset when I hear him talk.

This season, I see Brandon Flowers playing the nickel more and Cooper and Smith on the outside.

But it depends on who they add in the Draft and who they're playing.

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