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Dwayne Bowe Starts Camp in Peak Physical Condition

Jason VanCise

Dwayne Bowe has been working out this offseason and is boasting that he is faster than ever. Will his new physicality help him on the field this year?

Dwayne Bowe lost 12 pounds this offseason and said that he did it because he knows he is getting older and needs to be in better shape, and if he wants to last longer in the league he needs to be in peak physical condition.

I like that he worked so hard this offseason and hopefully it shows on the field this year. Last year he looked slow and put up some of his worst numbers of his career with just 57 catches for 673 yards. Bowe will be 30 this year and his numbers have been in decline since 2011, so any bit of extra burst he can gain from the weight loss and conditioning is sure to help him this season.

I would love to see him play like he did in 2010 when he caught 15 TD’s and was selected for the pro bowl. The Chiefs should expect Bowe to play at a high level, his contract pays him first tier money and he hasn’t been playing up to his contract the past two years. This might be him realizing that if he doesn’t earn what his contract pays him, the Chiefs might move on next year. A 31 year old receiver might find it hard to get another job, especially one that pays as well as his current one does.

Bowe’s off season already has a black mark on it with his bust for possession, so he better play well this season if he wants to stick around. This is a positive first step to making the Chiefs and himself better.

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I hope Twelve lbs is enough.   I have a look at his play vs worth later this week. 

The young guys are pushing him and I hope Bowe responds.

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