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The Colts Bearded Trio-Traveling West Edition

Chris Jewell

The Colts are packing their bags and headed west to Arizona to take on the Cardinals. If the Colts would like to make the trip worth while by winning, it would be good to to follow these three keys. Photo Courtesy of

Well, now that my liver has had nearly two weeks to dry out after yet another come-from-behind win, it’s time for a late afternoon game, when the Colts take on the Arizona Cardinals. Now, if the Colts want to win, there are three things they need to do to pull it off:

1. Start faster!

For some reason, the Colts feel like they need to spot the other team 21 points before they feel like they want to play. I don’t know if that is confidence, and they just want to see how big of a hole they can dig before they start to try, or if they just don’t have the focus… but something has to change. The Colts have been outscored 35-0 in first quarter in their last three games, winning two of those, and have been behind after one period in six games. The Cardinals are a team that you cannot get behind on because, as we know with Bruce Arians, they can do some good things on offense.

2. Start Brown!

As you’ve seen on my earlier post last week, I think the Colts need to start Brown, which will help key number one (above) out immensely. Right now, in order to justify the T-Rich trade, the Colts are starting Richardson and getting behind more times than not on first down. Because of this, they’re creating more opportunities for the offense to go three and out, and then throwing the defense back on the field after a 90-second rest (at most). Getting Brown, who is averaging about 6 yards per carry, in there early and often will help the offense get more of a rhythm.

3. The Secondary have to lock down Fitzgerald and Floyd.

Coming into this game, Michael Floyd has 657 yards on 42 receptions, with 3 TD’s. Larry Fitzgerald has 554 yards on 45 receptions with 6 TD’s. Arizona ranks about the middle of the NFL in passing at 15th and have shown spurts of brilliance throwing the football. However, Carson Palmer has currently thrown more to the other team than he has TD’s to his own. It will depend on which Carson Palmer shows up.

In order to help Indy make sure that it’s the bad Carson Palmer the secondary, specifically Vonte Davis and Greg Toler/Cassius Vaughn, have to be physical, throw the timing off, and lock down the much bigger Floyd and Fitzgerald. Taking one or both of those weapons away will make it a very good afternoon for Indianapolis.

For some reason I will never understand - it must be a Jim Irsay thing - the Colts have been a comeback team. From Harbaugh to Manning to Luck, they continue to dig themselves holes and then climb their way out. Maybe they will take a look at my three keys and will listen for once, but I won’t hold my breath. Go Colts!

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User Feedback

There is no good reason to not be giving the ball to Brown twice as much as Richardson (who, by the way, is NOT "T-Rich."  T-Rich was the greatest fullback who ever lived.  Trent Richardson is no T-Rich).


Brown is twice the playmaker Richardson is, and like you say, they're basically trying to justify the trade at this point.

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