If there’s one storyline that’s been surrounding the 49ers, it’s about Hyde’s future with the team.

The former Buckeye is being questioned about what will happen to him by the time the 2017 regular season ends. This is the final year of his rookie contract, and his contract didn’t get extended.

It’s all a matter of if he can fit into Kyle Shanahan’s offensive scheme. Luckily, for Hyde, he’s proving that he’s more than a fit for this system. He’s showing that he’s ready for the change in team culture.

How Hyde has turned

The former second-rounder lost weight during the offseason. He usually weighs in around 230 pounds. As of recently, he dropped the weight and had shown that it doesn’t affect his play style.

He still illustrates the brand of aggressive running that he’s known for against defenses. He still runs through defensive backs as if he’s still 230. However, now he’s changed his entire mindset to fit this new scheme. It’s mostly due to his willingness for change.

Just going into this season, I just wanted to do things differently, just do something different that I haven’t done. I’ve always played at 230 [pounds] and above. I’ve had success playing at that weight before but I just wanted to do something different. I just want this whole season to be different.

Is this the year Hyde finally meets his potential?

Shanahan’s system could finally be the thing to take the Ohio State product to the next level.

Not only does the running blocking scheme match what Hyde is used to, but the nimbleness that he now has is something that will keep him healthy.

This could be the thing that will show why Hyde took over for Frank Gore. Most importantly, what will keep him on the 49ers.