The trade

The 49ers are currently in talks with both the Redskins and the Cowboys for a three-way┬átrade. This current discussion involves both Washington’s Kirk Cousins and Dallas’s Tony Romo. One quarterback is displeased about not getting the contract he feels he deserves. Another is being usurped by an up-and-coming star on the same team. Each of these teams will get something to satisfy their team’s needs, and the players involved will continue making strides elsewhere.

In this trade, the most important aspect for the 49ers and Redskins to get this done is by giving the Cowboys the picks that they feel would suffice for the deal altogether. Overall, the end game is to make Jerry Jones happy.

What this means for the 49ers if this happens

If the trade goes through, then the 49ers won’t have to go after a quarterback with their first pick in the draft. They will have not only their answer in the long run but also a proven winner at the pro level.

Another positive that can come from this is that the 49ers can possibly keep their first round pick. With that pick still there, then they will be able to work on the defense. Or they have the chance to trade down a few spots to increase at other positions still in the first round.

The ball is in Dallas’s court however. If they can get picks that they feel meet up to the trade being offered then it will happen. Otherwise, the 49ers will instead have to go through either the draft or free agency for their quarterback need.

At the end of the day, Kyle Shanahan just wants to get a quarterback he’s familiar with, and Kirk Cousins is that guy. So this trade is a must-happen for San Francisco.