The 49ers have a quarterback

With Kaepernick opting out of his contract and the rest of the 2016 quarterbacks on the market, the 49ers were without a player at football’s prized position. However, it is confirmed that Brian Hoyer will be signing a two-year deal with the 49ers. This will make him the first quarterback on the team’s roster and kickstart Shanahan’s offense.

What will Hoyer bring to the 49ers?

Not only is Hoyer familiar with Shanahan, but they have found success before. In their time with the Browns, they went a respectable 7-4 while he was starting. The front office, however, felt that Johnny Manziel should be given a chance to start and they got their way. During that time he started, he threw for 3,326 yards and twelve touchdowns to thirteen interceptions. Remember, this is the Browns that we’re talking about. His contract expired, and he became a free agent, as Shanahan was fired from the Browns.

He still found success after that with the Houston Texans. He went 5-4 with the team as the starter. However, his play wasn’t much to be impressed by as he was being benched for Ryan Mallett. Hoyer still finished with a solid 19-7 touchdown to interception ratio and helped the Texans get to the playoffs. However, his play was a reason as to why they had an early exit as he posted zero touchdowns to four interceptions.

Hoyer would then go on to his third team in four years with the Bears in 2016. He came in for an injured Cutler and played convincingly. He threw six touchdowns to zero interceptions in his five starts before his injury to his left arm.

Now with the 49ers, he will be used as a backup-caliber quarterback in place of someone that the team may either sign or the draft. It’s still uncertain how the 49ers are going to go about this position, but it’s good that they finally have someone finally there for 2017.