The 2017 Saints were one fluke play away from playing in the NFC Championship game and having a legitimate shot at going to the Super Bowl, and that’s a reason to anticipate next season for sure. Let’s take a step back though, and try to figure out how the Saints went from a bumbling 7-9 team in three consecutive seasons to a surging roster with youth and confidence.
We’ll get into all three aspects of the process: free agency, the draft, and what it takes from a vision and planning standpoint to build a ‘winner’. When trying to deconstruct recent history, it’s always nice to have the benefit of hindsight, as it allows you to pick apart the various decisions, coincidences, and processes that led to where you are now, and so we’ll be following up our last entry with today’s piece on Free Agency and what about the Saints approach has led them to success.


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