Last week we kicked off the WSU Time Machine Team selection process with quarterback and to no major surprise, 1997 Ryan Leaf came away as the selection. Now, we move along to the other spot in the backfield.
Several WSU running backs have had great single seasons, but I suspect this selection will come down to a pair of contenders.
In one corner, you have 2005 Jerome Harrison. 1,900 rushing yards, 206 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns on 332 total touches.
In the other corner, you have 1984 Rueben Mayes. 1,637 rushing yards, 252 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns on 252 total touches. Oh and a NCAA record 357 yards in one game.
Or maybe you have another preference.
Remember, we’re talking about single-season’s only. So Harrison’s junior season means nothing and Mayes’ other three years mean nothing.


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