If we learned anything about the Buccaneers from the premier of “Hard Knocks” it was best said by Gerald McCoy,

“Number three is the franchise.”

The Bucs Franchise Player

Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston was the clear star of episode one.

Starting the episode at his hometown in Alabama was a clear indicator of who this series will be centered around.

Winston was shown throughout the show but the part Bucs fans should be most excited about is the moment that took place in the coach’s office.

Jameis asked coach Koetter, “How much is doing too much?”

Fans of the team should be thrilled Winston is seeking to cut down on his mistakes.

As the head coach pointed out, the defense this year will be elite.

He also mentioned that Jameis will be the only player that can truly lose a game for this team. If Winston’s progressions continue to this season, the Buccaneers will be dangerous.

A “Real” Team

(Photo Credit: Buccaneers.com)

Buccaneers fans should appreciate how close this group already seems to be.

In the beginning we saw Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson already planning their touchdown celebrations.

Gerald McCoy was helping rookies carry the veterans’s gear and everyone seemed to stick together on their off days.

The front office was even shown having a meeting at Tampa’s famous bar “The Press Box”.

Hidden Gems

Buccaneers rookie linebacker Riley Bullough will be a player to watch in this season.

He was called out by Koetter for being a great leader. Look for Bullough to make a name for himself on this show and hopefully make the team.

A player like this one can go a long way in the locker room with the knowledge he already seems to have.

Jeremy McNichols will also be featured largely on this season.

The fifth-round draft pick is looking to make the team with his versatile skill set.

Seeing “Uncle Snoop” make an appearance on Hard Knocks will also be something to look forward to in the future.

The Ending

We saw Jameis struggle at the end of the episode, which was something I enjoyed.

I loved seeing coach Koetter get on Winston for making bad decisions with some aggressive language.

If we’ve learned anything about this quarterback though, he won’t get down on himself, he’ll only use it as motivation.

He’ll keep learning and he’ll keep leading.

Next Episode

We got a glimpse at next weeks episode which will hopefully highlight one of the Buccaneers’ major concern: Who will win the kicking battle?

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